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    The scientific competence and excellence in conducting various research programmes at the institute has attracted funds from various National and International Organisations/agencies. To exchange information and acquire current and advanced knowledge in basic and applied fields of Dairy Science, the Institute maintains close liaison with various ICAR/CSIR Institutes, Dept. of Biotechnology, Dept. of Science and Technology, NDDB, Ministry of Food Processing & Industry, SAUs and various State Government Agencies at National level and several International Organisations such as World Bank, IAEA, UNDP, IDF, DAAD, Volkswagen Foundation, AvH Foundation and several leading institutions in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Australia at International level.

    Sr. No.Title of the ProjectName of PI/Co-PIFunding AgencyDurationTotal Cost (Rs. in Lakh)
    1National initiative on climate resilient agricultureR. C. UpadhyayCRIDA (ICAR)2010-173691.25
    2Cost and returns in milk production: Developing standardized methodology and estimates for various production system.Smita SirohiDAHD2012-1461.58
    3Fluorescent in situ hybridization (Fish) and associated techniques for characterization of chromosomes for detection of genetical and re-productive problems in cattle, buffalo and goat.B. R. YadavDBT2011-1443.11  
    4Elucidating molecular and cellular and mechanisms of ovarian and uterine cells function underlying the infertility associated with post-partum uterine infection in buffalo.Dheer SinghDBT2011-1459.79
    5Genetic diversity and haplotyping of innate immune genes in Indian cattle and buffaloS. DeDBT2012-1542.46
    6Application of probiotics in alleviating allergic responses and immuno-seneescene.Rajeev KapilaDBT2011-1453.72
    7Molecular basis for modulation of immuno-competence of neutrophilic function in vivo and in vitro of high producing cows and buffaloes peri-partum.A. K. DangDBT2010-1350.00
    8Developing & evaluation of multiple micro-nutrient (mineral & vitamins) fortified milk for consumer market.Sumit AroraDBT2010-1342.59
    9Buffalo genome information resource.S. DeDBT2012-1427.47
    10Anti-Mullerian hormone profile, its characterization and expression for using as diagnostic marker for fertility assessment in farm aninals.Avijit Haldar NER Tripura/
    S. De
    11Establishment of facilities for research and training in stem cell technology in pigs.M. S. ChauhanDBT2012-1637.38
    12Diversity study of CLA producing indigenous Butyrivibrio spp. its subsequent utilization as a probiotic for animals and genes expression pattern of enzymes involved in biohydrogation of fatty acids.A. K. TyagiDBT2011-1450.00  
    13Digestive enzymes (a-glucosidase and a-amylase) probiotics lactic acid bacteria for controlling postprandial hyperglycemiaA.K. PuniyaDBT2012-1522.60
    14Improvement in fertilizability of cryopreserved buffalo bull semen by minimizing cryo capacitation  and apoptosis like changes” (Collaboration with GADVASU, Ludhiana)M. S. ChauhanDBT2012-1417.77
    15Bioacoustics tool: A novel non-invasive approach for efficient monitoring of health and productivity in dairy animalsS. S. LathwalDBT2013-1664.09
    16Development of geriatric dairy food having prophylactic attribute against Alzheimer’s disease.Kaushik KhamruiDST2011-1422.00
    17Diversity of exopolysaccharides produced by lactic acid bacteriaPradip BehareDST2013-1621.96
    18Phylogenetic study of ruminal bacteria and its potential for CLA production and gene expression  pattern of linoleic acid isomerase and reductase with different dietary supplementary supplementation and its subsequent utilization as probiotics for animalsA. K. TyagiDST2012- 145.00
    19Understanding role of micro RNA (mRNA) mediated gene regulation during folliculogenesis and lutinization: a comparative study in buffalo and cow.Dheer SinghDST-DAAD2011-148.25
    20Confirmation of lactation performance and animal safety of dairy animals of Bos species treated with recombinant bovine samatotropin.A. ManimaranEli Lilly Asia Inc.
    ELANCO Bangalore
    21Evaluation and improvement of indigenous cattle of Malnad region of Karnataka-DAH&VS.K. P. RameshaGovt. of Karnataka Bangalore2011-1364.72
    22Network programme on veterinary type culture (VTC)-Rumen Microbes.A. K. PuniyaICAR2010-1317.25
    23Indigenous breed program (Sahiwal cattle)A. K. GuptaICAR2010-1325.00
    24Upliftment of socio-economic condition of tribal people through integrated  livestock farming in north eastern hill region/eastern part of India –ICART. K. Dutta ICAR2012-1750.00
    25Monitoring of drug residues and other environmental pollutants-outreach project of ICARN. K. GoelICAR Fund2009-1371.00
    26Screening probiotics and prebiotics for expression of glucagon like peptide-1(GLP)-1), a satiety inducing hormone, as prophylactics against diabetes mellitus-2.Sunita GroverICMR2012-1554.06
    27Status of antibiotic resistance among commercially available probiotic bacteria.S. K. TomarICMR2012-1543.00
    28Characterization of colostrum Bio-active components from different spices (camel, sheep and goat) and their application in the formulation of novel dairy products.Raman SethMFPI2012-1487.26
    29Evaluating corn hybrid on the quality of silage and growth performance in crossbred calves.A. K. TyagiMonsanto India Pvt. Ltd.2012 – 138.5
    30Dairy Extension education and services at Farmers’ door through mobile extension unit: Action research.Jancy GuptaNABARD2010-1314.36
    31Elucidating the physiological and genomic regulation process of follicular development, oocyte maturation and embryogenesis in buffalo.T. K. DattaNAIP2008 -2014394.18
    32Characterization and differentiation of embryonic, adult and spermatogonial stem cells in cattle and buffaloes.M. S. ChauhanNAIP2008- -20 14374.91
    33Analysis of mammary gland transcriptome and proteome during lactation and involution in indigenous cattle and buffalo for identification of probable mammary biomarkers.A. K. MohantyNAIP2008 March-14330.02
    34Genetic basis of inferior sperm quality and fertility of crossbred bulls.S. DeNAIP2009-2014151.21
    35Development potency of parthenogenetic goat embryos.D. MalakarNAIP2009-March-14117.40
    36Value chain on zone free cloned embryos for quality animal production from elite buffaloes and pashmina goats.S. K. SinglaNAIP2009-14824.11
    37Development of wireless sensor network for animal management.T. K. MohantyNAIP2008-14248.62
    38Rumen microbial diversity in domesticated and wild ruminants and impact of additives on methanogenesis and utilization of poor quality fibrous feeds.S. K. SirohiNAIP2008-1478.89
    39Development of e-courses for B. Tech.A.A. PatelNAIP2009-14362.76
    40Novel Approaches for the production of nutraceuticles from milk and Indian herbs for potential use in functional dairy foods.A. K. SinghNAIP2009-14230.38
    41A value chain on composite dairy foods with enhanced health attributes by ICAR.A. K. SinghNAIP2009-14357.98
    42Development of biosensors and micro-techniques for analysis of pesticide residues aflatoxin, heavy metals and bacterial contamination in milk.N. K. GoelNAIP2008-142256.01
    43Detection and mitigation of dairy pathogens and detection of adulterants using chemical biology.Y. S. RajputNAIP2009-2014158.39
    44Strengthening statistical computing for NARS.R. MalhotraNAIP2010-March-1455.24
    45Strengthening of digital library and information management under NARS (e Granth)B. R. YadavNAIPUpto March 20 1438.41
    46Developing commissioning operating & managing an on-line system for NET/ARS Prelim examination by ASRB ICARA. K. 3NAIPUpto March 20 1432.45
    47Implementation of management information system (MIS) including financial system (FMS) in ICARJ. K. KewalramaniNAIPUpto March 20 1431.41
    48E-Publishing and Knowledge System in Agricultural Research.Meena MalikNAIPUpto March 20 1415.00
    49Network project on buffalo Improvement-Field Unit (CIRB Hisar-125001).Avtar SinghNetwork2007-1760.20
    50Network project on buffalo improvement-institute herd (CIRB Hisar-125001).A.K. ChakravartyNetwork2007-1700.00
    51Scheme on dairy microbes under network mode.R. K. MalikNetwork2010-1395.00
    52Micro-encapsulation of bacteriocins for their controlled release.R. K. MalikNFBSFARA2011-1452.75
    53Investigations on high pressure induced effect on quality characteristics of buffalo milkA. K. SinghNFBSFARA2011-1366.02
    54Deciphering the mechanism of aberrant maternal recognition of pregnancy events in sheep and buffalo under heat and nutritional stress.T. K. DattaNFBSFARA2010-1577.11 
    55Early detection of pregnancy in cow and buffalo by pregnancy associated proteins (PAPs).A.K. MohantyNFBSFARA2012-15200.39
    56Infertility in crossbred bulls:Search for spermatogenic cell markers for early prediction on fertility.A.KumaresanNFBSFARA2012-16241.30
    57Development of transgenic goat for production of human lactogerrin.M. S. ChauhanNFBSFARA2012-16253.68
    58Countering gastrointestinal tract pathogens by adhesion-promoting probiotic surface proteins.J. K. KaushikNFBSFARA2012-15123.68
    59Enhancing development competence of oocytes for better in vitro fertilizing ability.T. K. DattaNFBSFARA2013-16107.17
    60Imprinted polymers for sensing and removal of selected antibiotic and pesticide residue.Y. S. RajputNFBSFARA2013-1528.84
    61Evaluating the impact of ration balancing on methane emission in dairy animals.S. S. KunduNDDB2013-1458.20
    62Luteinizing hormone based sensor for estrus detection in buffaloes.Dheer SinghNFBSFARA2013-16141.25
    63Estimation of hormonal profile, metabolites and milk composition during lactation in bovines and validation of bovine growth hormone RIA Kit.Mahendra SinghDAE2013-1524.96
    64Development of strip based detection Tests for selected adulterants and contaminants in MilkRajan SharmaSERB (MOFPI)2013-1449.84
    65Development of parthenogenetic goat from embryonic stem cells.M. K. SinghNFBSFARA2013-1776.33
    66Healthy Foods: Production of stable and Active Probiotics.Surajit MandalMFPI2013-1535.82
    67Production of buffalo casein hydrolysates enriched with antioxidative and immunomodulatory peptides and their application for the development of functional beverage.Rajesh KumarMFPI2013-1550.00
    68Mineral bound with based ingredients: Preparation, characterization and application.Sumit AroraMOFPI2013-1546.85
    69Development of resilient probiotic foods designed for the Indian Market conditions.R. K. MalikDST2013-1599.98
    70Whey to Biofuel: Bioithanal Production by stress tolerant and metabolically engineered yeast from whey.Shilpa VijNFBSFARA2013014112.4
    71Cloning and molecular characterization of buffalo milk lactadherin for augmenting animal fertility.Aasma TuranDBT2013-1639.35
    72Recombinant expression of lactobacilli aminopeptidases for the production of bioactive peptides.J. K. KaushikDBT2013-201645.48
    73Preparedness of livestock rearers among the tribal in Disaster Prone Areas of Uttarakhand.H. R. MeenaICSSR2014-201629.23
    74Development of chromatographic and PCR based methodology to ascertain the Quality of milk fat and its validation under field conditions. Vivek SharmaSERB2013-1414.85